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Posted on March 14, 2014 at 4:14 AM
Ook dit jaar probeer ik me weer door middel van diverse workshops bij te scholen om optimaal te presteren tijden het lesgeven

Zaterdag 15 en zondag 16 maart naar de 2 daagse Masterclass van Bobby Robertson georganiseerd door Nel Barendregt
Verheug me er op om deze top voorjager en instructeur aan het werk te zien en hoop weer veel te leren over het algeheel leertraject in de opleiding van de apporteur - de specifieke Glenbriar opbouw.
Vriendelijk, eerlijk, uitermate goed doordacht en effectief voor praktijk en field trial
Onderstaand een korte impressie over deze Masterclass 

Maar de koek is nog niet op dit jaar.
In september me opgegeven voor de 3 daagse workshop van Helen Phillips over het gebruik van de clicker tijdes de jachthonden training.

Dus ook dit jaar weer voldoende bijscholing

Bobby Robertson Master Classes
March 2014
A lifelong experience in training gun dogs, shooting over dogs on an almost daily basis, breeding the best of gun dog Retrievers and in between obtaining his degree in psychology and his experience in counseling people, make Bobby Robertson an outstanding man.
In two fully booked Master Classes in 2013 he shared as much of his gun dog knowledge for as far as we, less experienced handlers, managed to grasp the extend of his words. 
Since we began with young dogs at the basics of their education, we travelled along the full path of the training up to field trial requirements, that is winning the field trials!
We all know that it is recommended to keep things as simple as possible, but Bobby stripped the training to even much more simplicity. And in that simplicity he put so much detail to see, notice and understand. Know what you‘re training and don’t confuse priorities.
When you can manage that simplicity and follow his equally simple theory about targeting, you’ll have a faster dog, a happier dog, quicker delivery, less disturbance, a better marker and what he calls an honest dog (a dog that has no other focus than to find and bring whatever you ask, reliable in his ‘production’).
happier dog
When the dog has the right pre-information before being sent, he’ll be faster and “obedient” and will therefor always please you more. So, you end up as happy as your dog. Confidence brings pleasure.
quicker delivery
A dog that has been trained with so much speed and determination and trust in you will just per definition be the quickest (game) finder. And if that quick delivery will get so established in his work, he will always work like that.

less disturbance of the grounds (game)
It goes without saying that a dog, working with determination to find quick, will disturb less other birds when his focus is on the job he’s been sent for. He is so eager to please his handler, that he has never learned to mind his own silly business.
better marking
Again, the dog that has learned his targeting the right way, has skilled his practices in game or dummy finding. So there is no need for all that practicing of markings in your training and least of all the racing through any woodland or whatever cover. He’s learned to FIND and be back even faster!
Trained by motivation is performing with determination.
their dog, if not beating him or correcting the dog or other displeasures, that are completely beyond Bobby Robertson's way of training his dogs. 
And the difference is visible: all of his own dogs are visibly very happy dogs. They all adore him and are fully focussed for his attention, and yet never show the slightest sign of “slavery” (caused by some sort of suppression). The dogs grow confident because they don’t make mistakes: happy dog and happy owner.

speed and the desire to listen

no fear based performance
Bobby is totally avoiding any suppression or “violence” to the dog in training and in domestic life, all their life. He has a few questions about that?
- would you work harder if your boss would beat you up?
- would your children listen better when you shout at them?
Once addicted to his theory, I find myself observing different things by now. The motivation of dogs, educated like this, show the most beautiful style of work. Speed alone is nothing, but speed and motivation and education and determination together brings out the best in your gun dog.

what’s new in targeting?
Targeting has been an invention from Bobby Robertson many years back, seeking the shortest way to educate the dog and with the best motivation. So no stupid short cuts!
His idea first blew over to Denmark many years ago, but was very much misunderstood. A vague variety was left and that spread further over Europe. This is what most of us have learned in Belgium.
Targeting in the Bobby Robertson style is way more dynamic and precise and with so much joy and pleasure that it is very hard to explain on paper.

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